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We use lots of truck photos in our work. Mike Petrick has done custom photography to provide specific vehicles in specific setting. We have also purchased lots of stock photos from him, for our clients throughout the country.

Mike's artistic ability with digital tools is impressive. With them, he can remove, add, change, to give us exactly what we want for the ads, literature and websites we create. Glad to add our kudos to his customer messages.

Annette E. Petrick

Quality Photographics

Mike worked with me on group photography. That was the specialty of our firm for many years. We would schedule a time when we would shoot every member of a class or sports team individually and as a group.

Mike had a good understanding of how to work closely with the group being photographed to ensure that each event is properly coordinated and that timeframes are adhered to. His attention to detail is second to none and the finished product is of the highest quality.

Charles Myers
Quality Photographics
Midothian, VA

Suzy's Bonnets

Dear Mike,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding photographs. Since receiving the photos of my product on display, my sales have doubled.

Sincere thanks,

Suzanne Rome
Suzy's Bonnets


Thank You so much for the awesome portrait of Marissa at 1 day old. Mike, you have an amazing talent!!

Krissy H.

Petrick Outsourcing

Petrick Studios has served us in various ways. When we have needed stock photos for websites; children's digital pictures for promotional work, or high speed action shots of a client's boat winning a race. Each time, Mike Petrick has fulfilled the assignment completely, at the quality we needed and has delivered the work on time.

Mike is adept at digital manipulation of photos to bring out the colors, enhance those portions that are the primary focus and add effects to meet the mood of our ad or brochure.

Mike is easy to work with and has the artist's eye for what is being viewed. Good guy. He continues to be one of the few photographers certified by our firm for our commercial use.

Lauren Culler
Petrick Outsourcing Unlimited, Inc.