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Digital photography * Digital air brushing * Special effects

Advantages of digital photography over tradition film.


Digital Photography provides numerous advantages over traditional film.  Here are some of the things to take into consideration:

  • Instant review of pictures taken

  • No delay, waiting for film to be developed

  • Instant correction of problems

  • Digital enhancement allows unwanted items to be removed, blemishes to be erased immediately, before printing photos.

  • Instant photo retakes

  • Multiple shots can be taken without the expense of wasting film

  • Hundreds of photos can be taken digitally without breaks to reload film every 24 to 36 shots

  • Only the best shots need to be printed

  • Permanent storage on digital media much cheaper than film

  • Images may be copied from one media to another without degradation.

  • Pictures can be viewed on a computer; no need to scan them first

  • Client can print their own pictures

  • Manipulation and printing tools are more versatile than film processes.

  • Digital image files can be backed up to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM

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