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World's Best Photos

Repair and restoration of old photographs
We’ll make them look like new.


Restoration of: 

  • Antique photos

  • Old family snapshots

  • Damaged photos

  • Torn photos

  • Color faded photos

  • Water spotted photos

Digital imaging technology gives
new life
to precious photo memories.


We can digitally manipulate your photos to give you just the look you want:

  • Remove people from a photo
  • Combine people into one photo
  • Tint or sepia photos for an antique look
  • Soften, mute or blur edges for a romantic look
  • Shape photos (square, circle, etc.)
  • Create a studio look for individuals lifted from a group photo
  • Convert black and white photos into color

Original photos returned intact
Color correction per your specifications
High resolution photos on high quality, acid-treated paper
that will last.
Minimum 300 dpi
RGB color mode


Petrick Studios
Phone - 810-385-5550
Email – petrickstudios@comcast.net